Reflections Stainless Steel Cooler

Reflections Stainless Steel Cooler

**email for rental or purchase pricing. Hot and cold standing Point of Use water cooler. Stainless Steel smudge resistant cabinet. Energy Star Rated 2.0l tank.

Monthly rental includes installation, service and maintenance, filter changes and sanitization.

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 The Next Generation in Point-Of-Use Coolers Is Here……….
  • No more storing bottles
  • No lifting heavy bottles
  • No running out of water
  • No waiting for deliveries
  • No monthly bottle deposits
  • No increase in cost if consumption goes up
  • Guaranteed quality of water - NSF Certified

Quantum Features

  • Attractive European modern design
  • Available in "Hot & Cold" and "Cool & Cold"
  • Extra large 2 liter "cold" and 1 liter "cool" water tank capacity
  • Conversion from bottled water coolers takes minutes and can be done right on location
  • Quick and easy to install - John Guest speed-fit fittings - no tools required
  • Easy to service - filters are at the front of cooler, at arms height
  • Built in shut off valves
  • Double float assembly ensures continuous performance, no downtime
  • 33% more capacity than traditional coolers
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Removable reservoir makes sanitizing quick and easy
  • Quick quarter turn spigot removal
  • Easy filter cartridge change, simply lift off the cover, twist out the cartridge and snap in a new one, just like changing a light bulb
  • One universal cup dispenser, which loads from the top or the bottom

The Quantum 1000 System is NSF certified to reduce or remove the following contaminants:

Lead and Chlorine 95 – 99%
Dirt, Rust and Cloudiness 99+%
Giardia Lamblia Cyst 99+%
Mold and Algae 95 – 99%
Oxidized Iron, Manganese & Sulfides 99+%
Temperature: Cold water only, max. 100 F (38C)
Capacity: 750 US gallons Flow rate: Controlled to 0.5 gpm

Bad Tastes and Odors 95 – 99%
Cryptosporidium Parvum Cyst 99+%
Entamoeba Histolytica Cysts 99+%
Asbestos Fibres 99+%
All particle down to ½ micron 99.9%
Pressure: 10 to 125 psi


Cooler Specifications:                          ***call for pricing

Diameter: 12-5/16"                                    
Total Height: 58-1/4"                                 Weight – Cool & Cold: 35.1 lbs.
Weight – Cold & Hot: 38 lbs.